Points 奖励 World Mastercard® 信用卡

Earn 奖励 Points on your purchases. Enjoy an everyday low rate and access special benefits.

赚取积分 灵活的选项

Choose the credit card that earns unlimited points on everyday purchases. Then redeem them for cash back, 礼品卡, 旅行和更多.

With the Points 奖励 World Mastercard you earn:

  • 2X points for every $1 in gas and grocery purchases
  • 1 point per $1 for all other purchases

Introductory Bonus Offer: 得到20,000 extra points – worth $200 – when you spend $1,500 in the first 3 months of opening your card.

获得了资格预审 and find out your credit limit in minutes without harming your credit.2


条款 & 条件

Points 奖励 Program 条款 & 条件



利率 低至13.4月40%1


Redeem points for cash back to your Patelco 检查 or 储蓄 account or apply it to your balance, 礼品卡, 旅行和更多


Load it into your phone’s 电子钱包, set it as your preferred online payment option or insert it when you’re out shopping – you have the flexibility to use your card the way you choose


Set up alerts, view your account activity, and even lock or unlock your card in Patelco在线™


特殊的保险 cancels your loan payments or loan balance, 达到合同最大值, 如果你失业了, 禁用, 或者死去.


Mastercard ID Theft Protection 了解更多 >

手机保护 了解更多 >

零责任保障 了解更多 >

信用卡 利率

利率 Effective 9/26/2023

卡类型4月1 范围
18308信用卡-Pure-担保 Mastercard纯担保万事达卡®$300 - $10,00011.45%11.75411.4526/09/2023$10,000
18300信用卡-Progress 学生 奖励 MastercardProgress 学生 奖励 Mastercard®$300 - $5,00013.40% to 21.90%13.40313.4026/09/2023$50,000
18284信用卡-Points 奖励 World MastercardPoints 奖励 World Mastercard®$300 - $50,00013.40% to 21.90%13.4112.926/09/2023
17972信用卡-纯粹的万事达卡纯粹的万事达卡®$300 - $50,00011.75% to 18.95%11.20211.7526/09/2023$90,000

Frequently Asked Questions

    You have the flexibility to redeem your points for what you want and when you want. Points can be redeemed for cash back to your Patelco 检查 or 储蓄 account or apply it to your balance, 礼品卡, 旅行和更多.

    The Points 奖励 World Mastercard is packed with features that offer security and convenience including 零责任保障, 手机保护, Assistance with lost or stolen card, 及旅游福利. 了解更多.

    We calculate your monthly charges based on your balance and your annual percentage rate (4月). If you pay your card off in full each month, you won’t be charged interest.
    If you don’t pay your card off in full each month, you will be charged interest. Even though your 4月 is a percentage expressed in terms of a year, it is also used to calculate charges for a single month.
    When you carry a balance and don’t pay off your card in full, you’ll be charged interest based on the annual rate but calculated in terms of how long you’ve carried that balance.

    Your points do not expire and can be redeemed as long as your account is open.

    The Points 奖励 World Mastercard is great if you tend to pay off your balance each month and want to earn points to reward yourself. If you’d like help deciding, meet with someone in our 虚拟分支. They are available for immediate service and appointments during business hours.


The Patelco Points 奖励 World Mastercard 信用卡 is a great option if you want to earn points and get a competitive low rate.

马上申请 现在就开始吧
See how much you can save when you bring higher rate balances to a Patelco credit card. We’ll do all the math for you.

1  Variable 4月 (Annual Percentage Rate) as of 9/26/2023. Rate adjusts monthly and equals prime rate for previous month plus a margin range based on credit worthiness. Applies to Purchases and Balance Transfers.

2  Patelco runs a “soft” credit pull to create your personalized credit card offer, all without affecting your credit score. If you then submit a credit card application, we will request your full credit report (also known as a “hard” credit pull) from one or more credit reporting agencies, and this can affect your credit score.